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Water Well Drilling Rig


Water well drilling rig is always truck-mounted with rotary drilling function. It is capable of drilling from 150m to 1,000m in different geological conditions. This drilling rig drills water well and finishes the job of lowering well casing and washing the well. This rig is basically composed of power unit, drill bit, drill rod, core barrel and drill stand. Thare are various types for chiose including SPS600,SPS1000, SPS2000, SPS2600, RPS3000, RPS3200, XFS200, XFS300.


1. Water well drilling rig has duplex hydraulic oil pumps. The larger volume pump supplies power to power head and the smaller volume pump supplies power to the oil cylinders of the four legs, mast and pulley.
2. The four legs of this rotary drilling rig consist of hydraulic oil cylinders and holders. The legs can be used to adjust the levelness of the whole rig.
3. The mast of the water well drilling rig is welded of large steel tube, U-steel and steel angles. The U-steels are used as guide rail for the power head in order to ensure the verticality of the hole.
4. A gear reducer is used on the power head. There is a central spindle in the middle of the low-speed spindle. The central spindle can be connected with the rubber hose of concrete grouting equipment. The central spindle is connected with the drill rod and drill bit through flange plate. The high-speed spindle of the power head is driven by large-torque hydraulic motor.

Working Principle

Water well drilling rig is transported to the construction site by large trucks or tractor trailers. Some drilling rigs use long cable bits to bore into the earth, while others use interlocking steel bits to finish the job. In both cases, the drill bit is turned in clockwise direction. The loosened soil and rock are then transported to the ground when the bit is turning. When the drill bit is working, it often becomes heated and needs water or mud for cooling and lubrication.


We supply superior water well drilling rigs at very competitive prices. The rigs are designed to be tough, durable and highly reliable. These products can be used the countries of most complex geological conditions where inferior rig can not work properly.


This rotary drill rig is mainly used for hydrological geology and water well drilling in clay, sand and bedrock layers. It can also perform the detection and exploration of underground water as well as construction of underground tunnels, ventilation holes, etc. Equipped with various drilling devices, this rig can be applied for other drilling purpose, e.g. mineral drilling.

Typical Water Well Drilling Rig XFS200
Drilling Depth (m) 2200-3200
Drill Rod (mm) φ89, φ127
Rotary Table Model ZPl75
Rated Static Load (t) 272
Max. Rotating Speed (r/min) 350
Opening Diameter (mm) φ445
Transmission Ratio 3.75; rotating speed (forward, reverse): 33, 58, 75, 132 r/min
Rated Max. Torque of Rotary Table 40 kN.m
Winch Type Pneumatic tube clutch, band-type brake
Single Wire Rated Hoisting Force (Double Power Machine) (Two Layers) 130kN
Steel Wire Diameter (mm) φ26
Rope Capacity (Six Layers) (m) 350
Single Wire Hoisting Force and Speed (Double Power Machine) (Two Layers)
Gears I, II, III, IV
Winch Drum Rotating Speed (r/min) 52.8, 92.8, 120, 211
Single Wire Hoisting Force (kN) 130, 74, 57, 33
Single Wire Hoisting Speed (m/s) 1.377, 2.42, 3.13, 5.51
Hook Type 5×6 pulley block
Hook Hoisting Speed and Max. Hoisting Capacity (Double Power Machine) (Two Layers)
Gears I, II, III, IV
Hoisting Capacity (kN) 1300, 747, 573, 326
Hoisting Speed (m/s) 0.138, 0.24, 0.313, 0.55
Cathead Type Double-cathead
Cathead Diameter φ300 mm
Rotating Speed (r/m) 70, 123, 159, 280
Power Machine Type 2 sets of Y315S-4 electric motor compound (diesel engine is optional)
Power Single machine: 110 kW; 1480 r/min Double machine parallel operation: 220 kW; 1480 r/min
Main Part Weight (t) 19 t
Overall Weight (t) 22.5
Dimensions (L×W×H) 8410mm×3075mm×1880mm