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Hydraulic Core Drill

HCDF-6 Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
HCDF-6 type hydraulic drilling rig is co-developed by Beijing CGE mechanical equipment co., ltd and our company. It has a drilling capacity of 3000 m. The quadrangle derrick and the full hydraulic main machine are separately arranged. This hydraulic drilling rig machine is composed of diesel engine, feeding system, hydraulic system, control system, main winch, wire line winch, unit head and wellhead clamp. HCDF-6 type hydraulic core drilling rig mainly applied to the exploration in ...
HCDU-5 Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
HCDU-5 type hydraulic drilling rig is specially designed for wire line coring technique with diamond bits. It is also a crawler-mounted drilling rig. Aiming at wire line coring technique, we have researched and developed this geological drilling rig with the advantages of similar equipment in the world. This product is suitable for medium and deep core drilling. HCDU-5 type hydraulic drilling rig can be applied to the geological prospecting work in mining geology, environmental geology ...

Full hydraulic core drill is a diamond or hard-metal drilling rig. It has multiple functions and high drilling capacity. This product can fulfill wire line coring and top drive drilling. This type of hydraulic drilling rig commonly consists of diesel power drill, hydraulic system, control system, main winch, wine line coring winch, unit head, feeding system and wellhead clamp. Our hydraulic core drills include HCDU-5 type rig and HCDF-6 type rig. The former is suitable for coring diamond drilling process, while the latter is special designed for wire-line diamond core drilling.

Features of Hydraulic Drilling Rig

1. Due to separable structure, hydraulic core drill is easier to transport. Because of modular design, it is convenient to install.
2. This machine is powered by hydraulic pressure which features strong transmission power and high stability.
3. Hydraulic core drills combine the advantages of fully hydraulic rigs and spindle-type core drills on deep hole drilling. They have high derricks.
4. These hydraulic drill rigs feature long feeding stroke (4800 mm). Drilling efficiency of the rigs has been largely promoted.
5. Stepless speed regulation is available. The hydraulic core drill runs stably with wide speed scope. It can also realize large torque at low speed.
6. With the combination of mechanical gear shift and hydraulic speed regulation, the hydraulic drilling rig can realize infinitely variable speeds between 0 and 1200 rpm. It also has digital display.
7. Our hydraulic core drills have overload protection.

Applications of Hydraulic Drilling Rig

This type of hydraulic drill rigs are suitable for the exploration of metal or non-metal solid mineral deposits, coal bed methane, natural gas, hydrological wells, geothermal well and ventilation and draining of mine tunnel. The hydraulic core drills can also be used in engineering rescue. It is widely applied to the fields of geology, coal, metallurgy, non-ferrous metal, petroleum, hydrology and engineering.

Packaging & Delivery

Our hydraulic core drills are delivered within 30 days.