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BW1200A Mud Pump

  • BW1200A Mud Pump

BW1200A type mud pump is a horizontal reciprocating pump. This piston pump has double cylinders. It is suitable for the geological drilling of 1500m water wells and deep core drilling holes. This double-function pump can be used to feed flushing fluid or clean water to holes during oil workover. It can also be used to deliver mud in oil drilling. Operator can change the pressure and displacement of the reciprocating pump by replacing the cylinder.

Working Principle

BW series mud pumps are used to match engineering drilling rig and geological prospecting shot hole drill. The power machine drives the crank shaft of the pump to rotate. The crank shaft drives the piston to reciprocate in the cylinder through its crosshead. With the alternating efforts of suction valve and discharge valve, this reciprocating pump can achieve the goal of pumping and circulating flushing water.


1. BW series mud pumps are in small size. They are lightweight and easy to disassemble and move.
2. The frame of the reciprocating pump has a welding structure with steel plate. The frame features high strength, great rigidity and light weight. It is stress-relieved after welding. The transmission gears are capable of running smoothly with high efficiency. They have long service life. The crankshaft is a hollow one-piece casting. We adopt splash lubrication at the power end.
3. We adopt straight pass through fluid cylinder to ensure the compact structure of the reciprocating pump. The suction and discharge flanges conform to ANSI and API Spec.
4. Piston rods and intermediate rods are jointed by collar couplers that make installation and disassembly very fast.
5. The piston and line bore are cooled and lubricated by independent spray pump systems. They have long service life.
6. The consumptive parts of this reciprocating pump are universal.

Packaging & Delivery

BW series products will be delivered within 30days after the purchase.

Matters Need Attention in Operation

1. Clutch of this reciprocating pump is of normally closed type. It is prohibited to keep the clutch being disconnected for long time in order to avoid damaging its release bearing. The release bearing and the bearing of the belt pulley all have a grease cup respectively. Maintainer should add grease to release bearing every month and add grease to belt pulley bearing every other month. The grease should be in right amount so as not to flow into the friction surfaces of the clutch.
2. Operator should gently connect the clutch of the reciprocating pump. It is prohibited to connect the clutch when pump pressure exists.
3. After the mud pump is used for a period of time, operator should check the space between disc and lever. Turn the adjusting bolt to keep the space remain 0.5-1 mm.

Notice: please refer the detailed information in the manual in actual operation.

Piston Stroke (mm) 250
Frequency of Stroke(min-1) 71
Cylinder Liner (mm) Φ150, Φ130, Φ10, Φ85
Theoretical Discharge Capacity(L/MIN) 1200, 900, 630, 360
Discharge Pressure (75 kW) (MPa) 3.2, 4.4, 6.2, 11
Discharge Pressure (90 kW) (MPa) 4, 5.5, 7.5, 13
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 2845×1300×2100
Weight (kg) 4000

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