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SG Series Drill Tower

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SG series four-legged drilling tower is a space truss composed of four truss planes. It has larger space inside. Load capacity and stability of this derrick are all better. This type of drill towers can be divided into straight towers and leaning towers. The former is suitable for drilling straight hole and the later suitable for drilling inclined holes. SG series drilling tower is used with core drilling rig and water well drilling rig for lifting drill tools.


1. This type of derrick has rational structures. It is well-adapted to many conditions.
2. SG series drilling towers have great hoisting capacity.
3. SGZ23 type drill tower is suitable for 1500 m deep-hole drilling.
4. SGX17 and SGX18 type derricks are suitable for 1000 m straight hole or inclined hole drilling.
5. SGX13 four-legged derrick can be used in 600 m straight hole or inclined hole drilling. The drilling angle is between 75° to 90°.
6. SG series drilling towers have great load capacity. They are easy to install and use.

Packaging & Delivery

These products can be delivered within thirty days after purchase.

Matters Need Attention

1. As the drilling tower is covered, it is allowed to lift the drill tools normally when the wind force is under level 8.
2. The foundation of the drilling site must be very firm and flat.
3. The diagonal cross construction of the tower body is made of strong round steel.
4. The drilling tower body should be installed upright. It should be tied tightly with guy ropes in case of being blown down by wind.
5. All constructional elements should be installed. Fasteners should not be lost. The derrick should be fastened to ensure integrity of the structure.
6. After installation, all bolts should be carefully screwed up for a second time.

Please consult the manual of the drilling tower for detailed information in actual operation.

Parameters of SG Series Drill Tower
Drill Tower Model SGZ26 SGZ24 SGZ23 SGZ18 SGX17 SGX13
Nominal Height (m) 26 24 23 18 17 13
Length of Swing Stand (m) 18 18 18-19 13.5-14.5 13.5-14.5 9-10
Nominal Area of Base (m2) 7×7 6.5×6.5 5.5×5.5 4.5×4.5 45.5×4.5 4.2×5.15
Nominal Area of Top (m2) 1.39×1.39 1.38×1.38 1.2×1.2 1.2×1.2 1.2×1.2 1.2×1.2
Number of Pulleys 5 4 4 3 3 2
Normal Load of Crown Block (t) 70 50 23 15 15 10
Max. Load of Crown Block (t) 90 68 30 20 25/20 15
Max. Load Movable Platform (t) 80 80 80 80 80 80
Weight (kg) 16000 11000 6630 4434 5150 4140

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