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GPF2000D Engineering Drilling Rig

  • GPF2000D Engineering Drilling Rig

GPF2000D type engineering drilling rig is a rotary table drilling rig. It can conduct large diameter direct and reverse circulation drilling. This machine integrates the advantages of unit head drilling rig and the spindle drilling rig. As a pile rig, it can be used in large diameter pile construction of civil building, bridge and harbor. This product is mainly composed of diesel engine, clutch, gearbox, transmission shaft, vacuum pump, mud pump, rotary table, water faucet, winch, hydraulic system, drill tool and machine rack, etc. This engineering drilling rig is applicable to grouting pile construction of bridge, port, high-rise building, water conservancy infrastructure and power transmission infrastructure.

Features and Advantages

1. This engineering drilling rig has great torque output. It can meet the requirement of large diameter drilling.
2. Main part of the rotary table drilling rig is mounted on roller slide type chassis. It is easy to locate the hole.
3. This engineering drilling rig has the ability of drilling precisely. It has strong torque.
4. The range of rotating speed of the machine is very wide.
5. The hydraulic system control the drilling rig to move horizontally from the hole mouth. To pull out φ1.6m- φ2m drill tool is very convenient.
6. Advanced reverse circulation system is used. Switch between direct and reverse circulations is very easy. The deslagging efficiency is very high.
7. hydro- cylinder lifting tower is adopted. The drilling tower can be lifted safely at fast speed. The lifting tower can load the reinforcement cage directly.
8. The engineering drilling rig has very stable performance.
9. The auxiliary winch has great lifting force.

Packaging & Delivery

GPF2000D type engineering drilling rig would be delivered in 30 days.

Parameters of Rotary Table Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth (m) 50-100
Drilling Diameter (m) φ1.2-φ2.2
Torque of Rotary Table (KN) 30
Hoisting Capacity (KN) 210
Vertical Height of Drill Tower (m) 8.5
Driving Drill Rod (mm) 200× 200 × 3750
Drill Rod in the hole (mm) φ180 × φ162 × 3000
Main Winch Single Wire Hoisting Force 30 ( Rotating Speed: 385 r/h)
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 5800 × 2920 × 8870
Weight (t)Weight (t) 11
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