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XB2000A Rotary Core Drill (Depth 800-2000M)

  • XXB2000A type core drill is a rotary-table type drilling machine.
    XB2000A type core drill is a rotary-table type drilling machine.

XB2000A type core drill is a rotary-table type drilling machine. It can match hard alloy and press wheel drilling bits. This rotary drilling rig can be used in vertical drilling and inclination drilling within 45degree. This product is an ideal choice for deep-hole exploration. It has a mechanical transmission system. This type of drilling machine is widely applied to oil, natural gas and Coal bed Methane exploitation and geological prospecting of solid mineral deposit. XB2000A type core drill can also be used in the drilling constructions of salt mine and geothermal well.


1. This rotary drilling rig features fast rotating speed and broad rotary range.
2. This core drill has simple structure and reasonable layout, so it can be easily moved. Operation and maintenance of this machine is effortless.
3. This drilling machine is lightweight and easy to disassemble. It is very suitable for tasks in mountain area.
4. With low center of gravity, the core drill moves smoothly. It is very steady when working at high speed.
5. High-efficiency water brakes are used to control descending speed of the drilling tool. With the wearing-proof roller and brake belt, labor work has been lightened.
6. XB2000A type core drill is a new type drilling rig with high speed. This rotary rig is invented to satisfy the latest technology of geological industry and clients’ demand.

Safety Notes of Rotary Drilling Rig

1. Before use this core drill, clients should be familiar with the structure of it and matters needed to know in operations.
2. Workers should wear safety helmet and safety belt when entering construction site and working high above the ground. Workers should work in concern with each other in no matter what kind of tasks.
3. All shields should be fastened in correct positions when the core drill is running. They should be checked frequently.
4. Clients should check the machine base, rack, base of power machine and base of mud pump at any time. Clients should also check the degree of tightness of the guy rope, bearing conditions, conditions of pins in the tower leg, settlement of base and especially the condition of the dead end of the steel wire in winch.
5. When using the electromotor of the core drill, clients should keep the rotation directions of gearbox clutch and diesel engine agreed.


1. Surface of this rotary drilling rig should be kept clean at any time. Mud, dirt and oil sludge should be cleared frequently to keep the core drill clean.
2. Clients should pay attention to temperature rise conditions of rolling bearings and friction pieces. Maximum temperature of the bearings should not be above 70°C.
3. If there is oil leakage at any sealing point, clients should shut down the core drill and solve the problem.
4. Clients should observe the operating conditions of all parts of the drilling machine. If abnormal vibration, shaking or shifting occurs, clients should inspect the machine and deal with the problem immediately.
5. Notice: clients should consult the manual of the core drill for details.

Packaging & Delivery

In general, the drilling machine would be delivered to clients within 30 days.

Parameters of the Rotary Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth (m) 800-2000
Drill Rod Diameter (mm) φ50, φ60, φ73, φ89
Finished Hole Diameter (mm) φ114
Dip Angle of Hole 90°―45°
Main Rod Dimension (mm) (hexagonal) 89 × 79
Rotating Speed (rpm) 69; 139; 298
Rated Max. Torque (kN.m ) 8.3
Max. Lifting Force of Single Rope of Winch (kN) 80
Diameter of Steel Wire Rope (mm) φ24
Rope Capacity (m) 245
Electric Motor Y280S- 4 Type, 75 kW
Diesel Engine 100HP 4135AN Type
Weight of Main Machine (t) 4.5
External Dimension (L× W × H) (mm) 2420 × 2270 × 1565
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