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Drill Tower


Drill Tower is an elevated structure above a well used for lowering and raising drilling tools face motors, casing pipes, and other equipment. It usually has a metal construction. Drilling tower is a significant part of drill rigs. It is consists of base, crown block (pulley mechanism), tower body, platform and auxiliary parts. The drilling derrick is generally rigged with a block and tackle, drill-pipe holder and mechanical hoisting and lowering equipment. Generally, the effective height of drill tower is from 8m to 55m. The range of its hoisting capacity is between 5 and 1000 tons.

Main Features

1. Our drilling towers have light weight. All components are easy to disassemble. The installation and transportation of these products are very convenient.
2. These drill towers are strong enough to store drill rod or drill collar. They feature large loading capacity, high strength, good toughness and stable operation.
3. When the drilling rig is move back in operation, the tower can incline to make moved-back distance to ensure the center of the hole and the pulley are in the same line.
4. The drill towers can be adjusted in clockwise direction when the rig is drilling inclined holes. They are suitable for drilling large-angle hole.
5. SG series drilling towers are four-legged derricks. They have larger space inside.
6. AG Series A-shaped towers has simple structure. They are very easy to be erected.
7. These drill towers have passed state verification. They have large load capacity.


These drilling towers are used with core drilling rig and water well drilling rig for lifting drill tools. They are also used to locate and hang the hoisting system of the drill rigs. In the drilling construction process, the drill tower can lower drill pipe or casing. It can bear the weight of whole drill rod or casing under the steel wire and hook.

Use and Maintenance

1. The foundation of the construction site must be steady and flat for installation.
2. When using the drill towers, clients should check every bolt, joint of pin shaft, nut and pins regularly.
3. Clients should lubricate and maintain all pulleys and relevant rotating parts regularly to avoid oil shortage and corrosion.
4. As the four-legged derrick is covered, it is allowed to lift the drill tools normally when the wind force is under level 8.
5. When disassembling or hoisting the parts of the drill tower, operator should prevent the parts being bended or deformed.
6. After installation, all bolts should be carefully screwed up again.

Notice: In actual operation, please consult the detailed information in the product manual.

Parameters of SG Series Drill Tower
Drill Tower Model SGZ26 SGZ24 SGZ23 SGZ18 SGX17 SGX13
Nominal Height (m) 26 24 23 18 17 13
Length of Swing Stand (m) 18 18 18-19 13.5-14.5 13.5-14.5 9-10
Nominal Area of Base (m2) 7×7 6.5×6.5 5.5×5.5 4.5×4.5 45.5×4.5 4.2×5.15
Nominal Area of Top (m2) 1.39×1.39 1.38×1.38 1.2×1.2 1.2×1.2 1.2×1.2 1.2×1.2
Number of Pulleys 5 4 4 3 3 2
Normal Load of Crown Block (t) 70 50 23 15 15 10
Max. Load of Crown Block (t) 90 68 30 20 25/20 15
Max. Load Movable Platform (t) 80 80 80 80 80 80
Weight (kg) 16000 11000 6630 4434 5150 4140

Parameters of AG Series Drill Tower
Drill Tower Model AG13 AG15 AG18 AG24 AG27 AG31 AGY22
Nominal Height (m) 13 15 18 24 27 31 22
Length of Swing Stand (m) 9 9 13.5 17.5 17.5 17.5 17.5
Nominal Area of Base (m2) 4.5×4.5 4.5×4.5 4.5×6.4 6×6 6×6 7×1.2×2.2 4.2×5.15
Number of Pulleys 3 4 4 4 5 6 4
Load of Crown Block (t) 20 30 30 75 90 135 75
Weight (kg) 5000 5000 5800 13000 19000 41000 23000

Packaging & Delivery

Our drill towers can be delivered in 30 days after sale.

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