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SPS2000 Drilling Rig for depth 2000M

  • Coal Bed Methane Drilling Rig  SPS2000

SPS 2000 type drilling rig is suitable for the exploitation of coal bed methane (CBM), underground water, shallow-layer petroleum and natural gas at about 1500m underground,as well as Geothermal source. This rig is driven by mechanical transmission system and is controlled by turntable. This CBM drilling machine has the same size as concrete trucks. At the back of the rig there is a gear box equipped with any 30 ft. cutting shafts. This water well drilling rig can also be used in mine rescue drilling and mineral investigations.


1. This drilling rig features great drilling capacity, long stroke of the power head, high drilling efficiency, wide range of speeds and strong applicability. It is suitable for down-the-hole hammer drilling, bit cone drilling as well as ordinary drilling method.
2. The drilling rig is equipped with mechanical or hydraulic cathead. It has two types of power machine-diesel engine and electric motor for clients’ choice.
3. This drilling rig is equipped with water brake system.
4. Due to its compact structure and light weight, this rig is easy to disassemble and transport. Long distance operation is available.

5. Low-speed and large-torque motor is used to ensure the stable performance, reliability and long service life of the drilling rig.
6. The power head and guide rail are connected with new wear-resisting plate, so that the guide rail is rarely abraded.
7. The drilling angle of this rig can be adjusted from 0 to 360°. The rail can slide along the chassis. The drill bit location work is very convenient and reliable.

Matters Need Attention in Operation

1. After starting the power machine, operator should shut the handle of the clutch and leave the gearbox idling. When everything is normal without noise, the drilling rig can turn to loaded working condition.
2. The drilling rig should not be left running without guard by worker. The operator should keep an eye on the drilling rig. If abnormal sounds or phenomenon appear, operator should stop the machine immidiately and solve the problem.
3. Make sure every part of the drilling rig is well lubricated. The temperature of the bearings and gears shouldn’t exceed 70°.

Repair and Maintenance

1. After the drilling rig is stopped, client should do the maintenance works, such as tightening each connecting bolt, adding lubricant to every lubrication point, adjusting the space between friction pieces, handling oil leakage and check the belts.
2. Change the wearing parts and maintain the water well drilling rig regularly.

Notice: for specific operation please consult the product manual.

Main Parameters
Drill Rod (mm) φ73, φ89, φ127
Drilling Depth (m) 1600-2000
Rotary Table Normal Diameter (mm) φ520, φ670
Rotating Speed (r/min) 25, 37.3, 55.5, 87.3, 130.2, 193.7
Rated Torque (KN.m) 25
Rated Single Wire Hoisting Capacity (KN) 85
Hoisting Speed (m/s) 0.84, 1.24, 1.86, 2.92, 4.63, 6.49
Steel Wire Diameter (mm) 6 × 19, 24
Pulley Block Type 4 × 5
Rated Hook Load (kN) 680
Hook Hoisting Speed (m/s) 0.105, 0.155, 0.23
Kelly(mm × mm × mm) 121 × 121 × 12200, 108 × 108 × 12200
Main Machine Weight About 7.5 t
Power Machine
Diesel Engine WD615T1 type ; 120kw ; 1500 r/rain
Electric Motor Y315S-4 type ; 110kw ; 1500r /min
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