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Mud Pump

3NB1300 Mud Pump
3NB1300 type mud pump is a horizontal three-cylinder piston pump. This single function pump has the advantages of mature structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance. This pump can fulfill the requirement of the high pressure jet drilling technique in drilling 2500-3500 m borehole. This pump is manufactured in strict accordance with the SY5138 standard of the state petroleum department. The finished products are tested according to the standard. 3NB1300 type piston pump mainly consists of power end and hydraulic end...
BW1200A Mud Pump
BW1200A type mud pump is a horizontal reciprocating pump. This piston pump has double cylinders. It is suitable for the geological drilling of 1500m water wells and deep core drilling holes. This double-function pump can be used to feed flushing fluid or clean water to holes during oil workover. It can also be used to deliver mud in oil drilling. Operator can change the pressure and displacement of the reciprocating pump by replacing the cylinder...

Mud pump is a piston pump or a reciprocating pump used for deliver mud, water or other flushing liquid to borehole in drilling process. It can circulate drilling fluid in a drilling rig under high pressure (up to 52,000 kPa). This product is an important part of the oil well drilling equipment. It is mainly composed of fluid end, power end and other parts. Our company provides two types of mud pumps. They are BW1200A type pump and 3NB1300 pump.


1. Structure of our piston pump is very simple. This product is easy to disassemble and maintain.
2. Our mud pump features smooth operation, small vibration and low noise
3. This product is capable of delivering high concentration and high viscosity slurry.
4. The drilling fluid flow is very stable.
5. The speed of the flow can influence discharge pressure. Low speed fluid flow can maintain a high discharge pressure.
6. The displacement of the mud pump is proportional to the speed. Operator can adjust the displacement by shifting the mechanism or motor.
7. Our reciprocating pump can suck liquid directly without bottom valve.

Working Principle of Piston Pump

Mud pump is mainly used to inject mud into well through drill bit. It has the functions of cooling down the drill bit, washing drill tool, strengthening wall of the well, promoting drilling work and brining rock debris back to ground. In common direct circulation drilling process, the pump deliver water, mud or compound flushing liquid to the bottom of the drill bit through high-pressure hose, water vessel and the central bore of the drill string. Power machine is used to drive crank of the mud pump to rotate. The crank drives the piston to do reciprocating motion in the cylinder through its crosshead. The suction valve and discharge valve work alternately to achieve the aim of pumping and circulating flushing liquid.

Maintenance of Piston Pump

1. Worker should pay attention to the size of the sediment particles. When large particles are found, the wearing parts of the mud pump should be checked frequently for the needs of repairing and replacement. 2. The wearing parts include pump casing, bearings, impeller, piston, liner, etc. Advanced anti-wear measures should be used to increase the service life of the wearing parts in order to reduce investment cost of the project and to improve production efficiency.

The Factors Need to Consider in Selecting Mud Pumps

1. Bore diameter. For larger diameter bore, client should choose larger pumps. Flow rate, pumping pressure and pumping capacity are all needed for larger diameter bore.
2. Stroke length. The pumps of long stroke length can be used for deep wells.
3. Most mud pumps are designed for heavy industrial use and for extreme weather conditions in off-shore drilling work. The pumps should be capable of withstanding wear and performing in harsh environments for long period with minimal maintenance.

Packaging & Delivery

These mud pumps would be delivered in 30 days.