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DPP100-4 Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

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DPP100-4 type Truck mounted drilling rig is used for drilling with electric drills in the rock of less than average hardness, with special drilling machines in average and hard rock or with core hammer drills in the rock of any hardness. Equipped with long-feed, cable-piston, chain, or screw drives, this mobile drilling rig is capable of drilling blast holes and other boreholes to depths of 2.5 m with one boring bit. The trucks used in this rig can be double-row double-drive, double-row diesel truck or single-row DONGFENG diesel trucks.

Features and Advantages

1. The truck mounted drilling rig has hydraulic feeding and hydraulic undercarriage. It features simple structure and easy operation.
2. There is a gearshift in the reduction gearbox. By operating on handle, operator can make the rotary table turn forward and backward or stop.
3. The chassis is driven by the truck-mounted engine via transfer case. High-performance heavy-duty axle, low-section tyre, high-strength main beam, hydraulic power steering mechanism and double-pipeline braking system are adopted. This truck mounted drilling rig can adapt complicated working conditions.
4. Clients can select many human designs, such as new type cab, embedded ladder, automatic lockpin of derrick, centralized lubrication system for crane and winch, engine cover designed according to different climates.

Application Scope

1. Truck mounted drilling rig is used in the construction of earthquake blasthole.
2. Mobile drilling rig can also be used in the engineering geological investigation work of civil construction, railway and hydroelectric departments.
3. This product can be applied in water well drilling and the hydrogeological investigation.

Packaging & Delivery

Truck mounted drilling rig would be delivered within 30days.

Notice for Use

1. After the mobiledrilling rig entering the working site, operator should direct the drill to at the location of the hole. Use hydraulic legs to level the rig and fix it.
2. Check if every part of the truck mounted drilling rig is normal. Make sure all connections are firm and reliable.
3. Check and maintain every lubrication point before each shift according to lubrication requirement.
4. After finishing the works above, start the engine and leave it idling for 10 minutes. Make sure the oil circuit is normal and erect the derrick. Fasten the derrick with locking devices. Adjust the screws to make the derrick legs stand steadily in the ground.


1. The truck mounted drilling rig must be operated by skillful workers. The operator shouldn’t leave the rig when it is working.
2. Operator should operate the clutch to cut off the motive power before moving the operating handles. To move the handles when the rig is running is prohibited.
3. Operator should pay attention to the sounds when the mobile drilling rig is working. The temperature rise shouldn’t exceed 60°. If abnormal phenomena appears, operator should stop the rig immediately and repair in time.
4. When the rig is not used for a long time, clients should remove the oil and water from the equipment. If the truck mounted drilling rig is put in the open air, clients should maintain and protect the rigs.

Notice: For specific operation, please refer to the detailed information in the product manual.

Parameters of DPP100-4 Truck Mounted Drilling Rig
Drilling Depth (m) 50-100
Bore Diameter (mm) φ150-190
Drill Rod Diameter (mm) φ42-50
Driving Drill Rod Dimension (mm) (Hexagon) 89 × 79
Winch Max. Single Wire Hoisting Force (KN) 12.5
Cylinder Pulling Force (KN) 48
Cylinder Feeding Force (KN) 36
Feeding Stroke (mm) 450
Weight 7.5 t
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 6200×2470×9000 (at working state); 6200×2470×9000 (at walking state)

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