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XY-8 Core Drilling Rig

  • XY-8 Core Drilling Rig
    XY-8 type core drilling rig is a deep hole core drill machine which can drill large normal diameter holes

XY-8 type core drilling rig is a deep hole core drill machine which can drill large normal diameter holes. This spindle type core drill rig has the characters of mechanical transmission, spindle rotation and hydraulic feeding. Its winch is horizontally arranged. This product usually uses diamond drill bit or hard alloy bit in drilling. Wire line coring is available.

Features and Advantages

1. XY-8 type core drilling rig is designed with large power and large spindle torque.
2. The spindle has large normal diameter and double hydraulic feeding. The spindle has long stroke.
3. The chuck of this core drill machine has great clamping force.
4. The winch of the core drilling rig has a horizontal design. It makes rope arrangement very convenient. The winch has great hoisting force.
5. This machine has the advantages of wide drilling speed range, rational speed arrangement, large power configuration, large torque output and rotary table type structure.
6. XY-8 type core drilling rig is equipped with water brake which is agile, reliable and easy to operate.
7. This product is a lightweight core drill machine. It is steady and durable.


XY-8 type core drilling rig has a drilling capacity of 3000 m. It is mainly used in metallic or nonmetallic solid ore deposit prospecting, shallow oil and natural gas exploitation, tunnel ventilation and draining of mines and large hole foundation pile construction. It can drill both vertical holes and inclined holes. Shandong golden geology and mineral resources exploration co., ltd. has used our XY-8 type core drilling rig and achieved a 2500 m hole with 77° drilling angle. That is the deepest record at home.

Notes on Operation

1. The clutch of the core drilling rig should be connected smoothly. It is prohibited to connect and disconnect the clutch ceaselessly.
2. When operating the oil-pressure clips to loose or clamp the drill rod, operator should stop the rotating spindle immediately.
3. Operator should pay attention to the pressure indicator of the core drilling rig.
4. The clutch must be disconnected before the operator moving the transfer case handle or gearbox handle. Changing gears when driving the machine is prohibited.
5. Before starting the rotating unit of the core drilling rig, operator should pull the drill tool off the hole bottom and connect the main clutch.


1. In each shift, operators should check every fastening part of the core drilling machine and clean all mating faces. Oil leakage should be eliminated.
2. Clutch and hand-operated oil pump should be checked each week.
3. Clients should clean the oil box, filter and hydraulic oil every month.
For detailed information please consult product manual in actual operation.

Packaging & Delivery

XY-8 type core drilling rig would be delivered in thirty days.


Drilling Depth(m) 1000-3000
Drill Rod Diameter under Machine (mm) φ50.5 φ60 φ71 φ73 φ89 φ114
Spindle Rotating Speed (rpm) Forward: 79, 137, 213, 223, 366, 384, 604, 1024; Reverse: 51,144
Cylinder Pulling Force (KN) 300
Cylinder Feeding Force (KN) 142
Cylinder Feeding Stroke (mm) 1000
Max. Single-Wire Hoisting Force (KN) 130
Winch Hoisting Speed (m/min) 0.57-7.58
Steel Wire Diameter (mm) φ21.5
Retracting Cylinder Stroke (mm) 690
Electric Motor Y2280M-4 Type, 90KW
Diesel Engine 6BTA5.9-C180 Type, 132KW
Weight (t) 7.8
Dimensions(L×W×H) (mm) 4049×1754×2593
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