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HCDU-5 Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig (Wireline Drill)

  • HCDU-5 Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

HCDU-5 type hydraulic core drilling machine is specially designed for wireline coring technique with diamond bits. It is also a crawler-mounted drilling rig. Aiming at wire line coring technique, we have researched and developed this geological drilling rig with the advantages of similar equipment in the world. This product is suitable for medium and deep core drilling. HCDU-5 type hydraulic core drilling machine can be applied to the geological prospecting work in mining geology, environmental geology, engineering geology and other fields.


1. The main winch has great hoisting capacity. The hoisting force of its high gear reaches 8.3 t (single wire).Its maximum hoisting force reaches 12 t.
2. The feeding cylinder of this hydraulic core drilling machine has great pulling force.
3. The feeding system combines the functions of speed regulation and pressure regulation. Its maximum pulling force reaches 12.5 t.
4. This crawler-mounted drilling rig has a wide range of rotating speeds. Mechanical speed regulation and hydraulic speed control are combined. Its maximum rotating speed is 1240 rpm.
5. HCDU-5 type hydraulic core drilling machine has safe and reliable hydraulic chucks. With the functions of string clamping and hydraulic loosening, the chuck has a maximum clamping force of 200 kN.
6. This product features rational structure and layout. The mast is arranged along the axis of the drilling rig. This arrangement has increased the stability of operation of the whole machine.
8. This hydraulic core drilling machine has long feeding stroke and stable pressure. These characters help reduce drilling accident and improve drilling efficiency.
9. With modular design and separable structure, this crawler-mounted drilling rig is very easy to move and disassemble. The configuration is also convenient.

Certificates and Honors Achieved

1. Our medium-and-deep hole core drilling rigs including this hydraulic core drilling machine has occupy more than 60% of the domestic market.
2. Our sucker rods (petroleum machinery products) have gained the permission of using the API logo of the American Petroleum Institute.
3. Our hydraulic core drilling machine has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification of the American Petroleum Institute.
4. Our products have gained ISO14001 certificate, OHSAS18001 certificate4 and the HSE certificate approved by PetroChina and Sinopec.

Operations of Fixing and Leveling the Equipment

1. The construction working face for the hydraulic core drilling machine should be flattened at first.
2. Make sure the ground under the four legs is flat and firm and put a 250 × 250 (mm) square crosstie under each leg.
3. Before erecting the tower, operators can operate the handle of the legs at all directions. When the operator pushing the handle forward, the hydraulic core drilling machine is lifted up. When the operators pulling the handle backward, the drilling rig is lowered.
4. After leveling this crawler-mounted drilling rig, operators should keep the leg handles remain at latched positions.
5. Operate the tower erecting handles and bracket handles. Swing the mast to a designated angle and put the mast into good ground.
6. After the hydraulic core drilling machine is erected, operating leg handles is prohibited.
7. If the hole is comparatively deep, the construction period is long and wind power is above sixth grade for a long time, it is suggested to tighten the rope of the drill tower and anchor the legs.


1. When operators leave the operating chair or the equipment, they should shut down the engine and take away the key.
2. When the shield is removed in the maintenance, operator mast put the shield back before booting the hydraulic core drilling machine.
3. The check and maintenance must be done with zero loads when the machine is halted.
4. The ‘no starting’ sign should be hanging on the machine in the maintenance.
5. Operators should check and repair hydraulic components and avoid dust.

Please note that clients should consult the detailed information of the manual in actual operation.

Packaging & Delivery

HCDU-5 type hydraulic core drilling machine would be delivered within 30 days after the sale.

Parameters of HCDU-5 Crawler-Mounted Drilling Rig
Main Pump (Flow/Pressure) 156L/min, 28MPa
Main Winch High gear, low gear
Single Wire Pulling Force 33 kN, 128kN
Hoisting Speed 53 m/min, 34 m/min
Rope Capacity 45 m (φ24 mm steel wire)
First Layer Wire Speed 110m/min
Outermost Layer Wire Speed 443m/min
Rope Capacity 1800 m (φ5mm steel wire)
Crawler Belt Speed: 2 to 4 km/h; climbing capacity: 0° to 20°
Leveling Device 4 pieces of hydraulic legs
Mud Pump BW160/10 type high-pressure mud pump
Overall Weight 9 t
Dimensions (L×W×H) 4100×2200×10360 (mm)
transport Dimensions (L×W×H) 5400×2200×2300 (mm)

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