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XFS200 Crawler Drilling Rig for Water Well (Depth 213 mm)

  • Water Well Drilling Rig XFS200

XFS200 crawler drilling rig is multi-functional drilling equipment. It can use air, foam or mud in percussive drilling according to different geologic structure. This rig is driven by diesel engine. All operations are controlled through hydraulic system. This water well drilling rig is widely used in industrial and agricultural water conservancy projects, such as drilling wells, monitoring wells and other exploration boreholes. This crawler drilling rig can also be used for drilling holes for geothermal energy.


1. This water well drilling rig is equipped with large-torque hydraulic motor, large-bore hydraulic cylinder, multi cylinder engine of famous brand and air compressor of level-2 air filtering and the air-suction design, which prolong the service life of diesel.
2. The crawler drilling rig can use down-the-hole hammer or reverse-circulation impactor when drilling into rock. Air compressor is used for supplying wind power and draining slag.
3. This water well drilling rig has a special pump system design which is easy for maintenance and has reduced the cost. The centralized hydraulic control board is very easy to operate.
4. Impactor and ordinary drill rod are used in direct circulation task. Reverse-circulation impactor and double-wall drill rod can be used in reverse-circulation task.
5. Standard modular design is adopted. The modules of the crawler drilling rig can be mounted on crawler or truck. The transportation is very convenient.
6. The speed and torque of the rotary unit can be changed freely in order to suit different working conditions and bore diameter.

Main Parameters
Item Parameter
Drilling Diameter Φ90-Φ300 (mm)
Drilling Depth 213 mm
Working Wind Pressure 1.2-3.0 (MPa)
Air Consumption 11 to 435 (m³/min)
Rock Hardness F=6-20
Drill Rod Diameter Φ76 mm or φ89 mm
Drill Rod Length 3 m
Drilling Method Down-the-hole hammer drilling
Supporting Impactor The medium and high wind pressure series
Overall Dimensions (L × W × H) 5600×2100×3000
Rotary Unit Rotating Speed 0-100 (rpm)
Max. Rotary Torque 4000 N.m
Max. Hoisting Force 80000 N
Drill Thrust 45000 N
Hoisting Speed 17 m/min
Walking Speed 2.5 km /h
Feeding Stroke 3400mm
Penetration Efficiency 10-25m/h
Climbing Angle 21°
Weight 6500 kg
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XFS300 type multifunctional drilling rig is hydraulic controlled. It is a new type crawler drilling rig which has a wide application scope. It can be used for drilling water well, monitoring well and geothermal well. When drilling into rocks, down-the-hole hammer is used. Air is used for draining slag. The penetration efficiency of this rig is dozens of times that of conventional rotary drilling rig.