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HCDF-6 Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig with Dill depth upto 3000M

  • HCDF-6 Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

HCDF-6 type hydraulic core drilling rig is specially developed for deep-hole drill. It has a drilling capacity upto 3000 m (BQ). The quadrangle derrick and the full hydraulic main machine are separately arranged. This hydraulic drilling machine is composed of diesel engine, feeding system, hydraulic system, control system, main winch, wire line winch, unit head and wellhead clamp. HCDF-6 type hydraulic core drilling rig mainly applied to the exploration in the fields of mining geology, environmental geology and engineering geology. It is widely used in the exploration projects of geological minerals, coalfield, nonferrous metals, nuclear industry, gold and other fields.


1. This hydraulic core drilling rig has the characters of long stroke feeding and stable pressure. Drilling accidents has been reduced and drilling efficiency has been improved.
2. Infinitely variable speed is available. This hydraulic drilling machine has a wide range of speeds. It can change the speeds smoothly.
3. This hydraulic core drilling rig has overload protection. It can realize large torque at low speeds.
4. This machine has large normal diameter chuck. It is suitable for PQ, HQ, NQ and BQ drilling construction.
5. With the independent operation platform, the operations are very convenient. Monitoring instrument is used for monitoring the whole operation and working condition inside the holes.
6. Key parts of the hydraulic core drilling rig are reliable. Hydraulic pump, valves and motor are from famous suppliers.
7. Accessories like gripper, mud pump and stirrer are all hydraulic controlled.
8. This hydraulic drilling machine has reserve the advantages of hydraulic drilling rig and absorbed the advantages of high drill tower used in deep-hole drilling rig.
9. The feeding cylinder of the hydraulic core drilling rig has great pulling force. Its feeding stroke reaches 4.8 m. It is suitable for 3m rope and 4.5 m rope.
10. The coring drill rod can achieve a whole pipe core just in one roundtrip. This character helps improving the coring efficiency.
11. With the combination of mechanical gear shift and hydraulic speed governing and function of electric digital display, speed of this hydraulic core drilling rig can be varied accurately and infinitely between 0 and 1200 rpm.
12. The hydraulic chuck of this hydraulic drilling machine is safe and reliable. It has five hard alloy clips inside. Its maximum clamping force reaches 360 KN. It is very convenient to disassemble and change different clips units.
13. This hydraulic core drilling rig also has a standby upper section of the mast. One machine can achieve two purposes.

Packaging & Delivery

This hydraulic drilling machine can be delivered to clients place within 30 days in general.

Drilling Capacity of this Hydraulic Drilling Machine
Drilling Depth BQ(55.6mm): 3000m, NQ(69.91mm): 2200m, HQ(88.9mm): 1500m, PQ: 900
Main Electric Motor ( Model/Power/Rotating Speed) Y3l5M- 4/132 kW/1500 rpm
Auxiliary Motor (Model/Power/Rotating Speed) YI32M- 4/11 kW/1500 rpm
Main Pump (Flow/Pressure) 2l0×2 L/min / 32 Mpa
Auxiliary Motor (Flow/Pressure) 39L/min / 30 Mpa
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume 600 L
Unit Head of Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
Gear I (Rotating Speed/Torque) 0-367 rpm / 5960-3800Nm
Gear II (Rotating Speed/Torque) 0-1200 rpm/l820-1166 Nm
Main Shaft Normal Diameter φ117mm
Speed Adjustment Mode Variable speed motor and last stage gear transmission speed control
Hydraulic Chuck Structure Type Spring clamping, hydraulic loosening
Amount of Clips 5 (easy to assemble and disassemble)
Clamping Capacity 220 kN
Feeding System
Feeding Stroke 4800 mm
Feeding Force/Pulling Force 100 kN/200 kN
Main Winch
Single Wire Pulling Force High gear: 96 kN; low gear: 148 kN
Hoisting Speed 120 m/min, 78 m/min
Steel Wire Diameter/Rope Capacity 24 mm/130 (φ24 m steel wire)
Line Winch of Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
Single Wire Pulling Force of First Layer 11 kN
First Layer Wire Speed 140 m/min
Outermost Wire Speed 550 m/min
Rope Capacity 2500 m (φ5mm steel wire)
Main Machine Backward Shifting Distance 500 mm
Overall Weight 22 t
Dimensions (L×W×H) 10660×2500×2600 (mm)

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