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Steel structure is also named steel construction. It is an engineering structure mainly made of steel. Various components are connected through welding, riveting or bolting. These components relate to each other and restrict each other. They form an organic whole. Steel structure is widely and rationally applied in the field of constructional engineering worldwide, especially in developed countries and region.

Features and Advantages

1. Steel structure has the advantages of light weight, good anti-seismic property, low environmental pollution, short construction cycle, fast installation and quick investment recovery.
2. Compared with reinforced concrete structure, steel construction is more capable of developing higher, larger and lighter.

Maintenance and Repair (Rust Removal and Coating)

1. Steel structure is coated through spray painting method. The paint should be used according to the manual.
2. The painted component should be laid flat not upright to avoid paint sagging and other flaws.
3. The paint, coating times and coating thickness should meet the design requirements. Request the designer to define the ambiguous items in the design document and provide written confirm information.
4. When the use of special primer and finish paint is stated in the design, the manufacturing shop should perform according to the design document and product manual.
5. When spraying multilayer paint on the steel structure, operator should paint the next layer after the previous layer is dried.
6. Color and appearance of the coating should be uniform after dried. The surface of the structural components should be smooth without paint sagging, wrinkle, bobble, cracks and dirt.
7. If the above-mentioned flaws occur, they should be repaired in time.
8. The processes of rust removal and coating for the steel structure should be carried on according to steel structure surface rust removal and coating operation instruction.

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