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ZP175 Drill Rotary Table

  • ZP175 Drill Rotary Table

ZP175 type rotary table is mainly used as supporting device to petroleum, natural gas, geothermal and deep water well drilling rigs. This product is manufactured according to API spec 7K (2001 edition) and the SY/T5080-2004 standard (standards of petroleum and natural gas industries). It is also named turntable. Its gear wheel and pinions are all made of alloy steel. Our rotary table features higher load capacity, small size and lighter weight.


1. Master bushing and kelly roller bushing can be square drive type or pin drive type.
2. Pin drive type master bushing conforms to API standard.
3. ZP175 type rotary table have full lubrication and steady seal.
4. Long clips and short clips are both applicable for the turntable.
5. The driving mechanism of this product is Spiral bevel gear. It runs steady and has long lifespan.
6. The shell of this device is wielded with metal structure. It features good rigidity and high accuracy.
7. Splash lubrication is adopted in the gear and bearing of the rotary table. The lubrication is reliable.


1. In drilling process and salvage procedure, the turntable is used for spinning drill pipe.
2. Rotary table can bear the restoring torque of the drill pipe in turbo drilling.
3. It is also used to hole the pipe when pulling drill pipe or casing.
4. When pulling out the drill bit, the turntable is used to unload drill pipe pin.


1. When installing the rotary table, operator should level the device and adjust the direction of the sprocket wheel.
2. Oil in new turntable is bled off during transportation. Clients should flush the product before using it and fully lubricate it.
3. Maintainer should open the cover plate on top every month and clean the mud once or twice a month. If the rotary table is frozen in winter, it should be cleaned more frequently.
4. After running a new turntable for 30 days, lubrication oil should be renewed. After that, lubrication oil should be changed every three months.

Rated Static Load 2250 kN
Inner Diameter φ444.5 mm
Top Rotating Speed 300 r/min
Gear Ratio 3.58
Distance from Table Axis to Center of First Row of Sprocket Teeth 1118 mm
Weight 3880 kg
Exterior Dimensions (L×W×H) 1930×1280×620 (mm)

Zhangjiakou CGE GEO-Machinery Co.,Ltd is a specialized rotary table machine manufacturer in China. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Geo-Equipment Corporation (CGE). Our products mainly include core drilling rigs, engineering drilling rigs, water well drill rigs, mobile drilling machines, petroleum machinery, and chemical industry machinery.

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