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Core Drill Rig

Product Series
XY-8 Core
XY-44N type core drilling rig is a lightweight drill rig with mechanical transmission and hydraulic feeding. It is suitable for deep hole geological core drilling with diamond bits or hard alloy bits. This hydraulic core drilling machine can be used to drill water wells, oil wells or natural gas extraction wells. It can be small enough be moved by one person. This product can be used to sample sub-surface mineral deposits, test rock, soil and groundwater. This core drilling rig can also be used in the installation of subsurface structures ...

Surface Core Drilling Rig is a machine that uses the rotary force of drill bits to cut and crush rocks and keeps drilling deeper to get the core. It is equiped with diamond drill bit or a hard-metal bit. The surface core drilling rig is suitable for the exploration of metal or non-metal solid mineral deposits, coal bed methane, and natural gas. This core drilling equipment can be used in the constructions of hydrological wells, geothermal well, mining tunnel, ventilating and draining holes and engineering rescue.

Advantages of our Surface Core Drilling Rig

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2. We have a diligent team developing a great range of surface core drilling rigs.
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Application of the Core Drilling Equipment

surface core drilling rig is mainly used in medium and shallow hole exploration, anchor cable, grouting and engineering construction. Core drill rigs are frequently used in the mineral exploration where the core may be several hundred to several thousand feet long. These products are applicable in the fields of geology, metallurgy, coal, natural gas, underground water, etc. They are also referred as diamond coring rig in some places.

Models of surface Core Drilling Rigs:

XY-5/5N, XY-6B/6NXY-8, XY-8 l, XY-8B, XY-44N, XU1000, XB2000A

Packaging & Delivery

Generally, the core drill equipments would be delivered in 30 days.