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Coal Bed Methane Drilling Rig (CBM Drill Rig)


Coal bed methane drilling rig is especially used for exploring coal bed methane (CBM). CBM is an unconventional source of natural gas. CBM wells are very shallow (less than 1000 meters in depth). CBM drill rig is also used for water well drilling and mine rescue drilling. It is also suitable for mineral investigation. Those SPS2000, SPS2600, RPS3000, RPS3200 drill rigs are suitable for CBM explosion.

Features of CBM Drill Rig

1. Coal bed methane drilling rig is mounted on truck for easy transport. Working intensity is reduced in this way.
2. The whole drilling rig is driven by hydraulic system. This rig is equipped with all kinds of safety devices.
3. The drill head has two gear shifts, so different torques and rotating speeds can be realized. Coal bed methane drilling rig can meet the requirements of different hole sizes and drilling techniques. The maximum torque is 24750N.m for big-size hole and the maximum rotating speed is 300rpm for core drilling.
4. The main spindle can float 102 mm and the drill head be set to 80° angle in order to handle the drill rod easily.
5. Drilling pressure of the coal bed methane drilling rig can be adjusted precisely according to different geological conditions.
6. The braking system is set on the main shaft of the drill head in order to suit directional drilling and horizontal drilling.
7. The mast has a telescopic design which makes the drill tool handling very easy and provides a feeding stroke of 12.5m.
8. Air/water pipelines are used for connecting relevant accessories of different drilling techniques, such as fluid drilling, air drilling, foaming drilling, etc.

Advantage of CBM Drill Rig

Coal bed methane drilling rig can meet the requirements of mud drilling, air drilling, clean water drilling, foam drilling and the other types of drilling techniques.

Typical CBM Drill Rig RPS3200
Drilling Depth (m) 2200-3200
Drill Rod (mm) φ89, φ127
Rotary Table Model ZPl75
Rated Static Load (t) 272
Max. Rotating Speed (r/min) 350
Opening Diameter (mm) φ445
Transmission Ratio 3.75; rotating speed (forward, reverse): 33, 58, 75, 132 r/min
Rated Max. Torque of Rotary Table 40 kN.m
Winch Type Pneumatic tube clutch, band-type brake
Single Wire Rated Hoisting Force (Double Power Machine) (Two Layers) 130kN
Steel Wire Diameter (mm) φ26
Rope Capacity (Six Layers) (m) 350
Single Wire Hoisting Force and Speed (Double Power Machine) (Two Layers)
Gears I, II, III, IV
Winch Drum Rotating Speed (r/min) 52.8, 92.8, 120, 211
Single Wire Hoisting Force (kN) 130, 74, 57, 33
Single Wire Hoisting Speed (m/s) 1.377, 2.42, 3.13, 5.51
Hook Type 5×6 pulley block
Hook Hoisting Speed and Max. Hoisting Capacity (Double Power Machine) (Two Layers)
Gears I, II, III, IV
Hoisting Capacity (kN) 1300, 747, 573, 326
Hoisting Speed (m/s) 0.138, 0.24, 0.313, 0.55
Cathead Type Double-cathead
Cathead Diameter φ300 mm
Rotating Speed (r/m) 70, 123, 159, 280
Power Machine Type 2 sets of Y315S-4 electric motor compound (diesel engine is optional)
Power Single machine: 110 kW; 1480 r/min Double machine parallel operation: 220 kW; 1480 r/min
Main Part Weight (t) 19 t
Overall Weight (t) 22.5
Dimensions (L×W×H) 8410mm×3075mm×1880mm