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Geothermal Drilling Rig


Geothermal drilling rig is a hydraulic drilling rig used for exploiting geothermal energy. It has a mechanical transmission system. Our drill rigs in this category include SPS2000 type rig, SPS2600 type rig, RPS3200 type rig and RPS3000 rig. The SPS2000 type rig is equipped with mechanical or hydraulic cathead, two power machines, and water brake system. The SPS2600 type rig has the functions of direct and reverse circulation drilling. RPS3200 type geothermal drilling rig has pneumatic tube clutch, band-type brake and water brake.


1. The hydraulic drilling rigs feature compact structure, light weight and convenient operations. The rigs are easy to be disassembled and moved. Remote operation is available.
2. Low-speed and large-torque motor is used in the geothermal drilling rigs. The performance of the whole rig is steady and reliable.
3. These products have wide application scope. They have the characters of powerful drilling capacity, long stroke of power head, and high drilling efficiency.
4. The power head and guide rail are connected through new type wear-resisting plate. The guide rail is seldom abraded.
5. The geothermal drilling rigs have wide range of drilling angles (0~360 °). The guide rail can slide along the chassis.

Packaging & Delivery

These products would be delivered within 30 days. Typical Geothermal Drilling Rig SPS 2600

Drill Rod (mm) φ73, φ89, φ127
Drilling Depth (m) 2200-2600
Rotary Table Normal Diameter (mm) φ445
Rotating Speed (r/min) 43, 63, 93, 156
Rated Torque (KN.m) 30, 22, 16, 9
Rated Single Wire Hoisting Capacity (KN) 105
Hoisting Speed (m/s) 1.1, 2.4, 4.1
Steel Wire Diameter (mm) 24.5
Hook Hook
Pulley Block Type 5 × 6
Rated Hook Load (KN) 1050
Hook Hoisting Speed (m/s) 0.11, 0.24, 0.41
Kelly (mm × mm × mm) 121 × 121 × 12200; 108 × 108 × 12200
Power Machine
Diesel Engine 2 sets of 6135 AN-2 type ; 2×150HP; 1500r/min
Electric Motor 2 sets of Y280M-4 type; 2× 90 KW;1500r/min
Main Machine Weight About 9.96T
Main Frame Dimensions
Diesel Engine (mm) 7575 × 2948 × 1760
Electric Motor (mm) 7575 × 5370 × 1760