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AG Series Drill Tower

  • AG Series Drill Tower

AG series drill tower is a lightweight drilling derrick. This A-shaped tower has simple structure and can easy be erected. The two legs of the A-shaped tower are tubular or trussed type. They are suitable for drilling straight hole or inclined hole respectively. This tower is mainly equipped with spindle-type drilling rig and water well drill rig. It used for lifting rod and casing pipe. AG series drill tower is widely applied to petroleum drilling equipment. Nowadays, this derrick begins to be applied to geological and engineering drilling.


1. Due to its light weight and simple structure, the A-shaped drill tower is very easy to install and to transport.
2. AG series derricks have gain state verification. They have large load capacity.
3. This tower is not only suitable for core drilling in geological prospecting, but also applicable for the exploration of water well, petroleum and natural gas.
4. The drill tower is bound tightly with four steel wires (guy rope) in use. Guy rope is the key point to keep the stability of the drilling derrick.

Packaging & Delivery

AG series drill tower would be delivered within 30days after the purchase.

Use and Maintenance

1. When using the A-shaped derrick, users should check every bolt, joint of pin shaft, nut and pins regularly.
2. All pulleys and rotating parts of the drill tower should be maintained and lubricated regularly to prevent oil shortage or rust.
3. When disassembling or hoisting the parts of the drilling derrick, operator should avoid bending the parts or deforming them. Operator should prevent the small accessories from dropping.
4. Maintainer should promptly treat the rusted parts of the drill tower and protect them form corrosion.

Notice: for specific operations, please consult the detailed information of the manual.

Parameters of AG Series Drill Tower
Drill Tower Model AG13 AG15 AG18 AG24 AG27 AG31 AGY22
Nominal Height (m) 13 15 18 24 27 31 22
Length of Swing Stand (m) 9 9 13.5 17.5 17.5 17.5 17.5
Nominal Area of Base (m2) 4.5×4.5 4.5×4.5 4.5×6.4 6×6 6×6 7×1.2×2.2 4.2×5.15
Number of Pulleys 3 4 4 4 5 6 4
Load of Crown Block (t) 20 30 30 75 90 135 75
Weight (kg) 5000 5000 5800 13000 19000 41000 23000

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SG series four-legged drilling tower is a space truss composed of four truss planes. It has larger space inside. Load capacity and stability of this derrick are all better. This type of drill towers can be divided into straight towers and leaning towers. The former is suitable for drilling straight hole and the later suitable for drilling inclined holes. SG series drilling tower is used with core drilling rig and water well drilling rig for lifting drill tools.