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NY-3 Hydraulic Screw Machine

  • NY-3 Hydraulic Screw Machine

NY-3 type hydraulic screw machine can be used for screwing and unscrewing drill rod joints (φ60, φ50 and φ42) in core drilling and part of hydrogeologic prospecting processes. It is also named breakout machine which consists of a drive screw and at least one running screw co-operating therewith. These two parts are arranged inside a case. The drive screw is connected with a shaft extending out of the case at the high pressure side of the machine. There is a balancing piston in the hydraulic screw machine used for balancing the axial force on the drive screw.


1. The hydraulic motor drives the gear drive to realize fast screwing and unscrewing functions.
2. The high-pressure shaft of the hydraulic screw machine pushes the piston rod and pawl and makes the ratchet wheel rotate. It realized unscrewing the first screw. The shaft has large torque.
3. This breakout machine features simple structure, small in size, flexible operations and reliable and accurate actions.
4. The bearing surfaces of the axial bearing are separated by a spring during starting up and other similar operating conditions.
5. A rolling bearing is used with the hydrostatic axial bearing for taking up the axial forces on the drive screw in certain operating conditions.

Application Scope

NY-3 type hydraulic screw machine is suitable for screwing and unscrewing ø60 drill tool in the geological drilling and hydrogeologic drilling process (hole depth within 1200 m). This equipment is widely applied in the processes of crewing, unscrewing, clamping and spinning drill tools. It features low cost, small in size and reliable performances. This breakout machine can largely reduce labor intensity and improve drilling efficiency. This hydraulic screw machine can fulfill medium and deep hole drilling.


1. High-pressure oil pipe and low-pressure oil pipe of the operating valve should be connected to the high-pressure oil line and low-pressure oil line respectively.
2. Maintainer should clean the sliding parts of the pawl base frequently and inject lubrication oil to them.
3. Operator should often check sealing condition of all parts and keep the hydraulic screw machine clean.
4. When screwing the drill rod, operator should push forward the operating valve. When unscrewing the drill rod, operator can pull backward the operating valve.

Common Breakdown and Solution

1. When the revolving speed of the hydraulic screw machine can not reach 65 rpm, operator should check whether the flow rate of the gear pump is 38 LPM and the rotary speed of the power machine is 1540 rpm. Operator should also check if oil leakage occurs.
2. If the breakout machine can not screw the drill rod tightly or can not unscrew the drill rod, operator should adjust the pressure and check the gerotor motor for leakage.

Notice: please consult detailed information in the manual of the hydraulic screw machine in actual operation.

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