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RPS3200 Drilling Rig (Depth 2200-3200M)

  • Coal Bed Methane Drilling Rig RPS3200

RPS3200 type core drilling machine is mainly used for the drilling of deep geothermal well coal bed methane and water well, the exploitation of middle/shallow-layer petroleum and natural gas, and deep geological drilling. It has pneumatic control system and mechanical drive. This drilling machine consists of power unit, drill bit, drill rod, core barrel and drill stand.


1. This drilling rig features compact structure, light weight and easy operation. It is easy to disassemble.
2. This rig is hydraulic controlled and remote operation can be realized.
3. Low-speed large-torque motor is used in order to ensure the stable performance, reliability and long lifespan of the coal bed methane drilling rig.
4. This drilling machine has a wide application scope. It has the properties of strong drilling capacity, long stroke of the power head and high drilling efficiency.
5. The power head and guide rail are connected through new-type wear plate. The guide rail is rarely abraded.
6. The drilling depth of this drilling rig can reach 2200 to 3200 meters. The rail can slide along the chassis of this drilling machine.
7. Pneumatic tube clutch is used in the winch for hoisting drill tools.


RPS3200 type drilling rig can work in clay, sand and bedrock layers. It can also be used in the detection and exploration of underground water and construction of underground tunnels, ventilation holes, etc. When equipped with various drilling devices, this rig can be applied for other drilling purposes like mineral drilling.

Before Use

1. At first, check the lubrication conditions of each part of the drilling rig. Check if all connections are reliable.
2. Start the air compressor to rated pressure and start the electric motor of the drilling machine. Shift into each gear and make the rig idle for three minutes.
3. Clients can start to use the drilling rig when every part is normal.


1. Clients should keep the surface of the drilling rig clean. Clean up slurry, dirt and oil sludge.
2. Operator should pay attention to the temperature rise of each rolling bearing and each friction piece. The maximum temperature of the bearing shouldn’t exceed 70°.
3. If knocking sounds and other abnormal sounds are found when the gears and driving medium are running, operator should stop the drilling machine and check up.
4. If oil leakage occurs at any seal, operator should stop the rig and solve the problem 5. Operator should observe the running states of all parts of the coal bed methane drilling rig. If abnormal vibration, say, or displacement occurs, the rig should be checked.

Notice: please consult the product manual in actual operation.

Drilling Depth (m) 2200-3200
Drill Rod (mm) φ89, φ127
Rotary Table Model ZPl75
Rated Static Load (t) 272
Max. Rotating Speed (r/min) 350
Opening Diameter (mm) φ445
Transmission Ratio 3.75; rotating speed (forward, reverse): 33, 58, 75, 132 r/min
Rated Max. Torque of Rotary Table 40 kN.m
Winch Type Pneumatic tube clutch, band-type brake
Single Wire Rated Hoisting Force (Double Power Machine) (Two Layers) 130kN
Steel Wire Diameter (mm) φ26
Rope Capacity (Six Layers) (m) 350
Single Wire Hoisting Force and Speed (Double Power Machine) (Two Layers)
Gears I, II, III, IV
Winch Drum Rotating Speed (r/min) 52.8, 92.8, 120, 211
Single Wire Hoisting Force (kN) 130, 74, 57, 33
Single Wire Hoisting Speed (m/s) 1.377, 2.42, 3.13, 5.51
Hook Type 5×6 pulley block
Hook Hoisting Speed and Max. Hoisting Capacity (Double Power Machine) (Two Layers)
Gears I, II, III, IV
Hoisting Capacity (kN) 1300, 747, 573, 326
Hoisting Speed (m/s) 0.138, 0.24, 0.313, 0.55
Cathead Type Double-cathead
Cathead Diameter φ300 mm
Rotating Speed (r/m) 70, 123, 159, 280
Power Machine Type 2 sets of Y315S-4 electric motor compound (diesel engine is optional)
Power Single machine: 110 kW; 1480 r/min Double machine parallel operation: 220 kW; 1480 r/min
Main Part Weight (t) 19 t
Overall Weight (t) 22.5
Dimensions (L×W×H) 8410mm×3075mm×1880mm
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