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Engineering Drill Rig

GPF2000D Engineering Drilling Rig
GPF2000D type engineering drilling rig is a rotary table drilling rig. It can conduct large diameter direct and reverse circulation drilling. This machine integrates the advantages of unit head drilling rig and the spindle drilling rig. As a pile rig, it can be used in large diameter pile construction of civil building, bridge and harbor. This product is mainly composed of diesel engine, clutch, gearbox, transmission shaft, vacuum pump, mud pump, rotary table, water faucet, winch, hydraulic system, drill tool and machine rack, etc...

Engineering drill rig is especially used in drilling engineering. It can be used in the fields of construction and oil exploration. This drilling rig is used in large diameter grouting pile constructions in the projects of high-rise building, port, dock, dam, electric power and bridge. Our product in this category is GPF2000D type drill rig. It is a rotary-table type drill rig which can make direct and reverse circulation drilling. Engineering drill rig is composed of diesel engine, friction clutch, gearbox, transfer case, transmission shaft, mud pump, clean water pump, vacuum pump, rotary table, water faucet, winch, hydraulic system, control mechanism, mast, drill tool and machine rack.

Features and Advantages

1. Engineering drill rig is applicable to the construction of highway, bridge, water conservation, mine and tunnel engineering.
2. This type of drilling rig features strong torque and high drilling efficiency. It is capable of drilling precisely.
3. Engineering drill rig has a wide range of rotating speed.
4. We have strict raw material control and product quality control.


1. Workers should remove the chunk and clean clip and clip bowl. Change these parts immediately if they are damaged.
2. Wash the filter in the oil tank and change deteriorated or dirty hydraulic oil.
3. All main parts of the engineering drill rig should be checked. If there is any damage, these parts should be changed in time.
4. If the drilling rig is not used for long term, its bare parts should be coated with lubricating grease.

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