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3NB1300 Mud Pump

  • 3NB1300 Mud Pump

3NB1300 type mud pump is a horizontal three-cylinder piston pump. This single function pump has the advantages of mature structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance. This pump can fulfill the requirement of the high pressure jet drilling technique in drilling 2500-3500 m borehole. This pump is manufactured in strict accordance with the SY5138 standard of the state petroleum department. The finished products are tested according to the standard. 3NB1300 type piston pump mainly consists of power end and hydraulic end.


1. Discharge pulsation dampener and shear relief valve are installed at two ends of the discharge pipe to reduce outlet pressure and to prevent pump pressure from exceeding the range.
2. The hydraulic end of the piston pump is equipped with a centrifugal spray pump to provide cooled lubricating fluids. The fluid is used for cleaning, lubricating, and cooling cylinder sleeve and piston.
3. This mud pump is equipped with special tools which make the maintenance and repair very convenient.
4. 3NB1300 type piston pump has small and compact structure. It has good performances. It can fit the requirement of the high-pumping-pressure and large-output-volume drilling technique oil field.
5. This mud pump features long stroke. It can be used at low frequency of stroke. This character can effectively improve the capacity of lifting water and extend the lifespan of the wearing parts.
6. The lubrication method that combines forced lubrication and splash lubrication is used on the power end of the piston pump. The lubrication is reliable and it has extended the service life of the power end.
7. Air pressure tank and shear-pin type relief valve are connected on two sides of the outlet pipes separately in order to decrease the pressure fluctuations and to prevent super-high pressure on the outlet side.
8. Gears, bearings, crosshead and other transmission parts are all well lubricated.

Packaging & Delivery

3NB1300 type piston pump would be delivered in 30days.

Parameters of Piston Pump
Power Machine Rotating Speed(r/min) Pump Speed (Stroke/Min) Theoretical Discharge Capacity(L/S)
Φ130 Φ140 Φ150 Φ160 Φ170 Φ180 Φ190
1500 120 24.28 28.16 32.52 36.18 41.52 46.54 51.86
1400 112 22.66 26.28 30.17 34.32 38.75 43.44 48.56
1300 104 21.04 24.40 28.01 31.87 36.00 40.34 33.94
1200 96 19.42 22.53 25.86 29.42 33.21 37.24 41.50
1100 88 17.80 20.65 23.70 26.97 30.44 343.13 34.57
1000 80 16.19 18.71 21.55 24.52 27.68 31.03 30.03
Rated Working Pressure (MPa) 31 27 24 21 19
Mechanical Efficiency 90% Volume Efficiency 100%

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