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Drill Hydraulic Jack

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Drill hydraulic jack is used for pulling up casing and handling drilling accidents, such as bit sticking and bit burying. We have 40t, 75t and 150t jacks in this category. Its working principle is that as the hydraulic pressure is constant, the pressure becomes larger when the stressed area is larger and vice versa. The lever principle is also used. This vertical hydraulic jack can also be applied in the lifting operation of factory warehouse, bridge, dock, transportation and construction engineering.


1. Drill hydraulic jack features compact structure, small size and light weight. It is portable.
2. This product has simple structure. Assembly and disassembly and transportation are very convenient.
3. This vertical hydraulic jack has large pulling capacity. Operation is very convenient. This product has high work efficiency.
4. Drill hydraulic jack can work away from well mouth. A pressure gage is used to indicate the pressure of the system. The condition inside the hole can be easily grasped.
5. The hydraulic oil inside the hydraulic drilling rig can be used by supercharger. This method has reduced labor intensity and increased 7 times the working pressure.

Packaging & Delivery

Drill hydraulic jack is packed with wooden box and would be delivered in 30 days.


1. When hoisting, operator should firstly twist the hand wheels of the oil pump and fast oil return line. The vertical hydraulic jack mustn’t run before closing the oil return valve.
2. When the jack is working, the operator shouldn’t be close to the pipeline, so as to avoid being hurt by blasted high-pressure rubber hose.
3. When moving drill hydraulic jack, operator should protect pipeline and oil pipe joint. The joint should be covered with dust plug or dust cap. Operator should mind not to damage the pressure gage and wearing parts.
4. Ensure that the hydraulic oil is clean. If dirt enters the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic pressure cannot remain stable. Dirt tends to damage oil pump, oil valve and oil cylinder.
5. When drill hydraulic jack is pulling the objects at wellhead, the ground under its base should be flat and firm. Abnormal occurrence should be handled in time.

Notice: for specific operations please consult the information in product manual.


1. When lubricating vertical hydraulic jack, maintainer should put it in a vertical state. Pump core and piston should be lowered to the lowest point.
2. Take out the oil plug on the machine shell and inject filtered hydraulic oil until the oil level reach the piston mouth.
3. Clients can use N15 machine oil(GB443-84)when the temperature is between 5°-45° and use composite spindle oil(GB442-64)if the temperature is 5°-29° below zero.
4. Check and lubricate the drive rod joints regularly.
5. Press down the screw which adjusts the piston rod and the pump core when not using the hydraulic jack in order to keep the machine clean.
6. Please avoid putting this machine in humid environment or the sites containing acid-base and corrosive gases.

Parameters of Drill Hydraulic Jack
Model of Jack 40 t 75 t 150 t
Specification of Slips (∮, mm 42, 42, 50, 53, 84, 89, 108 42, 50, 108, 127, 146 89, 127, 146, 168, 177, 219

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