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Chemical Industry Machinery

Pressure Vessel
Pressure vessel is a closed container holding gases or liquids. It is used for finishing the production processes of reaction, mass transfer, heat transfer, separating and storing. It can bear pressure loads (internal force and external force). Storage and transport vessel, reaction vessel, heat-exchanging vessel and separating vessel are all of this kind. This sealed container have strict requirement for safety...
Steel Structure Products
Steel structure is also named steel construction. It is an engineering structure mainly made of steel. Various components are connected through welding, riveting or bolting. These components relate to each other and restrict each other. They form an organic whole. Steel structure is widely and rationally applied in the field of constructional engineering worldwide, especially in developed countries and region...

Chemical machinery, also known as chemical industry machinery, is a general name of the machines and equipment used in chemical industry. In chemical production, the processes of pretreatment of raw material, chemical reaction and separation and purification of reaction product are carried on in order to process the raw material into certain product. The machines used for achieving these processes are often classified into chemical machinery. Our products in this category include pressure vessel and steel structure.


1. Pressure vessel is a closed container used for holding gases or liquids. The processes of reaction, mass transfer, heat transfer, separating and storing can be finished in this container. This chemical machinery is capable of withstanding pressure loads.
2. Steel structure is a construction made up of steel elements. In contrast with reinforced concrete structure, steel structure has the advantages of light weight, good anti-seismic property, low environmental pollution and short construction cycle.

Advantages of Chemical Industry Machinery

1. Zhangjiakou CGE GEO-Machinery Co., Ltd. is equipped strong technical force and powerful processing capacity. We have complete range of products. Price/performance ratio of our products is superior.
2. Our products including chemical machinery have been exported to many countries, such as the United States, Argentina, Indonesia, etc.
3. We hold the qualification certificate of manufacturing grade D pressure vessel and qualification certificate of designing grade D pressure vessel. Our company has produced more than 2000 sets of pressure vessels so far.