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XY-5/5N Core Drill (Depth1000M-1500M,Torque 5.6kN)

  • XY-5/5N Core Drill
    XY-5/5N type core drilling machine is a new type drill rig

XY-5/5N type core drilling machine is a new type drill rig. This small-diameter core drill is driven by hydraulic system. It has diamond bits and great drilling force. This diamond core drilling rig is developed to fulfill various new core drilling techniques which are suitable for various industries. XY-5N type core drill is an improved model of XY-5 type core drill; the former is more stable and reliable. XY-5/5N type core drilling machine can be used in engineering geological prospecting and engineering constructions of hydrology, water well and large diameter hole.


1. The spindle has high rotating speed and a wide range of speeds.
2. This core drilling machine is equipped with water brake. The brake can lower the drill tools smoothly and safely. The operation is very easy. The brake band has long service life.
3. Wet clutch is adopted in this diamond core drilling rig. It is durable. The clutch has a brake which can stop the machine swiftly.
4. The core drilling machine has broad base and low center of gravity. It has stable drilling performance.
5. There are conventional type and large drift diameter type rotate units for clients’ options.
6. The hydraulic system has a exclusive valve port. The port can be used when the machine match breakout machine.


1. XY-5/5N type core drilling machine has won silver medal awarded by national quality awards examination board in 1985. 2. This diamond core drilling rig has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
3. This core drilling machine has a wide range of rotating speeds (41-1070 rpm) and 12 speed grades. The speeds are rationally arranged. This drill rig can well fulfill diamond rope core drilling, percussive rotary drilling, directional drilling, reverse circulation continuous core drilling and other high-efficiency drilling techniques. It can also meet the needs of conventional diameter matching method.
4. This core drilling machine has large torque output, high strength and great drilling capacity.
5. A normally-closed type hydraulic chuck is used. It has fresh and rational structure. The clips are wielded with hard alloy which has great clamping force and long lifespan. The clips work reliably.
6. Double oil pumps are used to supply oil for hydraulic system. This method reduces system temperature. The hydraulic system can fulfill many working conditions.
7. The gearbox, clutch, universal drive shaft and other superior quality generic parts are selected from famous brands. They are reliable and easy to change. These parts have long service life.
8. This core drilling machine can realize monitoring alarm on torque, bit pressure, pump volume and pump pressure. These functions are optional in the configuration. The alarm can prevent drilling accidents.


1. This diamond core drilling rig can be used in both small diameter hole drilling and large diameter hole drilling. It can drill vertical hole and inclined hole.
2. XY-5/5N type core drilling machine is mainly suitable for metal or non-metal solid mineral ore bed exploration.
3. This drill rig, with diamond bit or hard tungsten-carbide tipped bit, is widely applied in the fields of geology, metallurgy, coal mine, hydrological and engineering drilling.
4. This core drilling machine can also be used in petroleum and natural gas mining, gallery ventilation and water discharge tunnel drilling in mines as well as large-diameter hole foundation stake drilling.

Preparation Work before Use

1. Operator should make sure the bolts and fastening pieces are reliable and firm before starting up the core drilling machine.
2. Oil injection should be checked according to oil pointer. Every lubricating point should be injected with lubrication oil.
3. The space between left half of the shaft coupling and the right half should be 2-4 mm.
4. The clutch of the core drilling machine should be adjusted to a suitable state. Don’t push too hard when connecting or disconnecting the clutch.
5. Operator should make sure that the winch and two band-type brakes are reliable.
6. Operator should also check every component in the oil system and ensure free oil flow.


1. Operators should check every fastening part and clean all mating faces in each shift. The core drilling machine should be lubricated and oil leakage should be eliminated.
2. Clutch and hand-operated oil pump should be checked every week.
3. Clients should clean the oil box and filter the oil every month. Hydraulic oil should also be checked. Please consult the manual of the core drilling machine for detailed information.

Packaging & Delivery This diamond core drilling rig would be delivered in 30 days.

Parameters of Core Drilling Machine
Drilling Depth (m) 1000-1500
Drill Rod Diameter (mm) Ordinary Type Rotary Table: φ50, φ60; Large Drift Diameter Rotary Table: φ89
Spindle Inner Diameter Ordinary Type Rotary Table: φ 80 Large Drift Diameter Rotary Table: φ 96
Torque (kN.m ) 0.39 — 5.64
Drilling Angle 90°- 80°
Rotating Speed of Spindle (rpm) Forward: 85, 166, 261, 294, 335, 577, 906, 1232; Reverse: 65, 225
Cylinder Feeding Stroke (mm) 500
Cylinder Pulling Force (KN) 135
Cylinder Feeding Force (KN) 90
Max. Single Wire Hoisting Force (KN) 40
Hoisting Speed (m/s) 0.89, 1.74, 2.73, 3.18, 3.74, 6.08
Diameter of Steel Wire (mm) φ18.5
Rope Capacity (m) 140
Retracting Cylinder Stroke (mm) 500
Electric Motor 55kW Y250M-4 Type
Diesel Engine 80HP 4135AG
Gear Oil Pump YBC45/80, 45L/min, 8MPa
Weight (t) 3.5
Dimension (L × W × H) (mm) 3190 × 1495 × 2140
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