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High Speed Drilling Swivel

  • High Speed Drilling Swivel

A high speed water swivel is a mechanical device used on a drilling rig. This drilling swivel hangs directly under the traveling block and above the kelly drive. It enables the kelly (and subsequently the drill string) to rotate while allowing the traveling block to remain in a stable rotational position. The swivel allows the introduction of the drilling fluid into the drill string.


1. High speed water swivel is used for supporting small-diameter diamond drilling rig.
2. SG-II type drilling swivel can be used for 600m-1000m deep hole.
3. SG-III type swivel can suit 1000m-1500m deep hole.


1. SG series small-diameter water swivels can equal large-diameter swivel. They are small in size and lightweight.
2. The core tube has small moment of inertia. It is capable of rotating steadily at high speed.
3. The drilling swivels are equipped with V type self-sealing seal ring. The sealing performance is excellent. Overheating is less likely to occur.

Honors and Certificates

As a professional water swivel supplier, we keep improving ourselves and providing clients with good quality products. Our medium-and-deep-hole geological core drilling rigs occupy over 60% of the domestic market. Our sucker rods have gained the permission of using the API logo of the American Petroleum Institute. We have gained ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications and the HSE certification approved by PetroChina and Sinopec. We will carry on the perfection and innovation of product structure.

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