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RPS3000 Drilling Rig (2500m to 3000m)

  • Methane Drilling Rig RPS3000

RPS3000 type drilling rig is a rotary-table type drilling machine. This rig is mechanical driven and air-controlled. It is capable of drilling 2500m to 3000m well. This rig can be used in geothermal drilling, water well drilling and the exploitation of coal bed methane. This core drilling machine is capable of running range 3 casing. There is a driving unit on top head to ensure that the casing will be properly torqued. Vac truck and water truck are also included in our coal bed methane drilling rig. They help reduce downtime of the rig significantly.


1. Full hydraulic pressure drive and automobile chassis are adopted. This core drilling machine can move quickly and easily. It needs low transportation cost.
2. This drilling rig features great drilling capacity, flexible operation and rational power matching.
3. The drilling arm has simple structure. It shortens the length of transportation and increases the working stroke. It is suitable for various construction processes.
4. The power head of this drilling rig with can incline. It makes the drill rod withdrawal very convenient. The maximum lift angle is 85 degree.

Case of Application

Beijiing Institute of geological & rrospecting engineering purchased one set of our RPS3000 type drilling rig in 2002. The core drilling machine has achieved ten wells of depth between 2600m and 4100m, seven of which are more than 3000m, three are 3500m and one is more than 4000m. The construction of one well is started on Jan. 5th, 2009 and is finished in October 2009. The finished hole is 4088m in depth. At present, this institute possesses three sets of our geothermal drilling rigs.

Before Use

1. Before using the core drilling machine, operator should check the lubrication conditions of the coal bed methane drilling rig. Check if all connections are reliable.
2. Start the air compressor to the rated pressure and start the electric motor. Shift into each gear and let the rig idle for three minutes.
3. When every part is running normally, the rig can be used.


1. The surface of the drilling rig should remain clean. Client should clean up slurry, dirt and oil sludge regularly. 2. Operator should pay attention to the temperature rise of each rolling bearing and each friction piece. The maximum temperature of the bearing shouldn’t exceed 70°.
3. If knocking sounds and other abnormal sounds are found when the gears and driving medium are running, operator should stop the drilling rig and check up.
4. If oil leakage occurs at any seal, operator should stop the rig and solve the problem.
5. Operator should observe the running states of all parts of rig. If abnormal vibration, say, or displacement occurs, the rig should be checked.

Notice: please consult the product manual in actual operation.

Drilling Capacity 2000-3000 (m)
Drill Rod (mm) φ73, φ89, φ127
Power Machine
Model Y315-4 type electric motor; 2 sets
Power 110 kW×2
Rotating Speed 1480 r/min
Hydraulic Coupler
Model YL500×1; 2 sets
Input Rotating Speed 1475 r/min
Transmitted Power 90-132 (kW)
Power 0.97
Filling Amount 16.5 L
Rotary Table
Model ZP-175
Rated Static Load 272t
Max. Rotating Speed 350 r/min
Opening Diameter 445 mm
Transmission Ratio 3.75: 1
Rotating Speed of Rotary Table Forward, Reverse:33, 58, 75, 132 (r/min)
Rated Max. Torque of Rotary Table 40 kN.m
Driving Rod 108×108×12200, 133×133×12200
Single Wire Hoisting Capacity (Two Layers) 100, 57.24, 44.35, 25.36 (kN)
Big Hook Hoisting Capacity 950kN
Big Hook Hoisting Speed 0.1715, 0.3, 0.3868, 0.677 m/s
90, 158, 203, 356 (r/m)
Drill Tower Height 31 m
Overhead Crane Max. Net Load 130 t
Overall Weight 21 t
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